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03/18/2018 07:30The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters    ( Winston-Salem Journal )
Russia prosecutes for online speech; imprisons peaceful protestors; denies palliative care and effective pain treatment to its citizens; allows abuse of children and adults with disabilities, e.g., a state institution employee in Ulyanovsk punishing a disabled 13-year-old boy by burning him with an iron; has ...
03/12/2018 07:20The first “amphibian”: Soviet vehicle VAZ-2122 Reka    ( (press release) )
Ulyanovsk automobile plant in the Soviet times was the leading company in the production of not only cars, but also advanced all-terrain vehicles, the development of which gave a strong impetus to the production of a qualitatively new technology for decades to come. It is obvious that many projects ...
03/06/2018 07:25Pulkovo attracts second carriers on existing routes    ( )
There's a number of new domestic and international routes launched by Pobeda Airlines this spring (Kaliningrad, Nizhnekamsk, Ulyanovsk, Tbilisi) and S7 Airlines (Alicante, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Murmansk, Perm), which are not new to the airport's route network. Notably, both Pobeda and S7 ...
02/27/2018 18:50Vice-Premier repels Novaya Gazeta's accusations of lobbying interests of his nephew's defense ...    ( )
His full namesake also served on the boards of directors of the Ulyanovsk and Tula cartridges plants and worked as deputy director of the Industrial Technologies Group of Companies, which manufactures the Orsis rifles. Dmitry Rogozin repeatedly advertised these rifles; in the near future they should ...
02/20/2018 23:40Construction of MC-21 customization center to begin in Russia this year    ( )
A customization center for Irkut MC-21 passenger jetliners may be built in Russia's Ulyanovsk Oblast by late 2019. The project is expected to be launched in Q2 2018, and should take up to 18 months to complete, the a source in the regional development corporation told Russian Aviation Insider.
02/20/2018 23:40Pobeda pushes up international presence    ( )
The average sector length of the four new city pairs is 1,607 kilometres, with the longest being the 2,235-kilometre route from St. Petersburg to Pisa (PSA), while the shortest service is the 715-kilometre domestic airport pair from Vnukovo to Ulyanovsk (ULV). In 2018, Pobeda will continue to expand the ...
02/10/2018 07:55The 'Bukhanka' 4x4 van just turned 60, and it's still in production    ( Autoweek )
The UAZ 450 (pronounced Oouuh-Aahhzz) debuted in January 1958, produced by Ulyanovsky Automobile Factory in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Designed as a passenger van with a high ground clearance and generous approach and departure angles, early versions were powered by a 2.4-liter inline-four ...
02/01/2018 23:35Window to China: logistics park of Russian Post for 4 billion opens in Kazan    ( Realnoe vremya )
The first plane from China with parcels from online shops of the Celestial Kingdom landed in Kazan on 30 January. Now all parcels ordered by residents of Tatarstan, Mari El, Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Samara and Ulyanovsk Oblast will come to Kazan, not Moscow. The capacities of the new logistics centre ...
01/30/2018 23:50WATCH: Maiden flight of modernized IL-78 aerial refueling tanker    ( Luxora Leader )
The plane was by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex and manufactured by Aviastar-SP in the city of Ulyanovsk. It has become the very first aerial tanker produced in Russia since the demise of the Soviet Union, as the plant which used to manufacture earlier models of Il-78 remained in Uzbekistan. While the ...
01/29/2018 23:40WATCH: Maiden flight of modernized IL-78 aerial refueling tanker    ( RT )
The plane was designed by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex and manufactured by Aviastar-SP in the city of Ulyanovsk. It has become the very first aerial tanker produced in Russia since the demise of the Soviet Union, as the plant which used to manufacture earlier models of Il-78 remained in Uzbekistan.
01/19/2018 23:35Support Grows for Russian Cadets Over Bawdy Viral Dance Video    ( The Moscow Times )
Russian officials and fellow students have come to the defense of flight school cadets whose controversial half-naked viral dance video is threatening their careers. Aviation authorities launched an investigation this week into the video which depicts cadets from the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation ...
01/19/2018 07:40Macron tries to sway Trump on Iranian nuclear accord    ( WPXI Pittsburgh )
The mock striptease recorded by cadets at the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute went viral earlier this week. Some Russian politicians called on the public training school located in Lenin's birthplace to expel the students. The Federal Agency for Air Transportation decried the video as an "immoral ...
01/09/2018 23:40Russian Khrizantema-S missile can hit target in all weather conditions    ( Army Recognition (press release) )
The IM-16-5 multifunction display created at the Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau replaced its 11 blocks with a total mass of more than 90 kg, making it one of the main parts of the radar station's guidance system. The BMP-3 Khrizantema-S can carried a total 15 missiles and two types ...
12/01/2017 15:30Save Mother Russia: Putin spends ÂŁ6.4bn to make more babies    ( The Times )
In 2007 the Ulyanovsk region gave workers a day off to have sex in an effort to boost the birthrate. September 12 was declared a Day of Conception and those who had children nine months later were rewarded with cash, cars or fridges. Mr Putin introduced an Order of Parental Glory for parents of seven ...
11/23/2017 15:30In Ulyanovsk will produce more trucks Isuzu    ( The Quebec Times )
The Japanese plant engineering company Isuzu in Ulyanovsk for the first 10 months of current year has made about 3,500 cars, which is twice the ...
11/04/2017 04:15LSR Group starts pre-sales in new stage of Luchi    ( London South East (blog) )
Luchi is being constructed just two kilometers away from the Ulyanovsk Forest Park and Chobotovsky Forest. Solntsevo metro station is scheduled for ...
10/29/2017 02:50Known rates of participation of the Russian stars on TV    ( The Stopru )
Became known to Diana Shurygina from the city of Ulyanovsk were caught on a private part on national television for 300 000 rubles. The driver of ...
10/12/2017 07:15Russia. From October 01 discount for grain shipping for export is introduced    ( UkrAgroConsult )
According to the received data, this list can be extended with Kursk, Lipetsk, Samara, Penza and Ulyanovsk. All cereals are subject to the discount.
09/28/2017 09:00Dexter cancels scheduled flights    ( )
Back in June the carrier canceled its Kirov-Perm, Nizhny Novgorod-Perm, Kazan-Penza, Nizhny Novgorod-Izhevsk, and Ufa-Ulyanovsk routes.
09/12/2017 02:25Is Russia Planning to Build a Monster Aircraft Carrier?    ( Scout )
Even Ulyanovsk, a nuclear-powered carrier that was scrapped after 20 percent of construction was completed in 1992, was expected to displace no ...


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